Guest Post: “Three Brothers and the ‘Three Weeks’”

The following article discusses the recent events in Israel, and comes from my cousin who lives there. He wishes to remain anonymous, but I think this is worth sharing, and I do so with his permission. Beyond this sentence are his words:

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Profile: David J Rosenberg

I originally wrote this profile back in April 2014 for a journalism class. When I first shared it online, I received some backlash because of the nature of the story. Although I quickly removed all traces of the article, I asked David if he was really ok with me sharing it. He reassured me that he was, and that if he was uncomfortable with the story that follows, wouldn’t have agreed to interview for my paper in the first place. With that disclaimer, I present this profile:

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Codename Walnut

I wrote a program to pull out class listings from CUNYFirst last semester. I worked on it with some great people at Brooklyn College, and today I’m releasing that code to the public.

Walnut was my independent study project for a course I took for my major. I also had to write several reports, and the final report is available here.

You can find Walnut on GitHub, along with instructions on using it.

Although I didn’t finish all of the features I wanted to, the concept works and it’s pretty cool.

A Trip to Orlando

Sitting in Universal Studios in Orlando, I can confirm that the sun is working as expected. According to my iPhone, its 88 degreed Fahrenheit, a good 17 degrees warmer than my native New York City. I can also confirm that there are some kosher options in the area, but not many.

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7 Apple Mistakes that Make You Sound Stupid

In the age of autocorrect and SMS shorthand, many people are lazy and don’t bother learning what new words mean or how to use them. This is a list of the top seven mistakes people make. If you do any of these, I may judge you.

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Young Israel of Manhattan Makes Championships for the First Time in 25 Years

Young Israel of Manhattan´╗┐’s junior varsity basketball team lost to Mesivta Ateres Yaakov in the Young Israel basketball league championships at West Hempstead Middle School on Sunday.

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Snail Mail Advertising for iPad App Shows Immediate Promise

Someone from a synagogue in Chicago just called me unexpectedly to inquire about my app Gabbai´╗┐, in response to me sending out a batch of brochures last week.

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Cloak and Dagger: A Creepy App You Need To Follow

A recently released iPhone app enables you to track your friends on four social networks, and can alert you if a friend is nearby, using location data from their statuses, tweets, check-ins, and photos.

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Brooklyn College Computer Science club to Host GitHub Education Speaker

Brooklyn College’s Computer Science Society is set to host GitHub’s Aidan Feldman this afternoon.

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