Learning Assembly Language Concepts

Assembly language is really cool but it can also be maddening. I took a course on assembly last semester and I’d like to introduce a few of the basic concepts in assembly here. This isn’t a full blown tutorial, but just a bit to whet your appetite.

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How to Make Money With Your iOS App: PatronKit

There are a few ways to support your app development efforts, including freemium, ads, and in-app purchases. One that was recently made popular by Overcast is called “the patronage model.” (Spoiler: I built something to help with patronage.)

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Notes from the tv Tech Talks NYC  

I had an exhilarating time at Apple’s Apple TV Tech Talks yesterday in New York City. Here are my notes from the sessions. (Download

On Writing a watchOS 2 App with Time Travel


Whenever I submit an app to iTunes Connect, be it a bug fix or an update, I get a rush. I submitted my first native Apple Watch app today. I wrote a WatchKit app for iOS last year but this is my first fully native watchOS app.

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Introducing KosherCocoa 3.0

KosherCocoa 3.0 is out. The library now ships as a framework for iOS and watchOS. You can grab it on GitHub or via CocoaPods.

How Many Chickens Does It Take To…

A photo of a young chicken.

This post is a follow-up to A Disney Dozen.

So how many chickens does it take to lay all of those eggs? To answer that question, we probably want to have a few pieces of information.

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A Disney Dozen

I was talking to my fiancée after my first grocery run here in Silicon Valley, and I mentioned that I bought a dozen eggs because I couldn’t find any other kosher protein. She sent me some lyrics from a Disney song that I had never heard before.

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Brooklyn College Student Government Election Results

President-elect Tim Donelly forwarded me a picture of a certified printout of the election results from last month’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) student government elections. With his permission, I’m sharing the results here.

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Thoughts on LinkedIn + Lynda Acquisition

Lynda.com announced today that LinkedIn has acquired the tutorial website (CrunchBase) for an approximate value of $1.5 billion dollars. For LinkedIn, this is a major move.

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