A News Story

My professor only had good things to say when I got to journalism lab before class started today, after earlier-than-usual minyan.

“Terrific, you know how to write ledes now,” said Brooklyn College journalism Professor Anthony Mancini during an in-class workshop.

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This One Crazy Trick Proven to Drive App Developers Insane.

App developers love information very much because their livelihood depends on it. Even better than information, is sales data.

Data allows developers to make up their own information, and developers love making stuff up as they go along.

With this fabricated information in hand, you can use this one crazy trick to drive your favorite app developers absolutely batty.

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Google Helpouts

Once upon a time I prank called Dell technical support. I chatted up the agent about bypassing Windows XP’s login screen and the handed off my phone to a friend. He proceeded to ask the unfortunate call center employee for dating advice. The 29-year-old from the Philippines was polite but befuddled. The dorm counselor was pretty annoyed when our raucous laughter woke him up at 4am.

Take a minute and think. What if you really could call someone up for life advice? What if you could do it over video chat? It looks like that’s what Google’s trying to do with a new product called Helpouts.

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