Introducing KosherCocoa 3.0

KosherCocoa 3.0 is out. The library now ships as a framework for iOS and watchOS. You can grab it on GitHub or via CocoaPods.

How Many Chickens Does It Take To…

A photo of a young chicken.

This post is a follow-up to A Disney Dozen.

So how many chickens does it take to lay all of those eggs? To answer that question, we probably want to have a few pieces of information.

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A Disney Dozen

I was talking to my fiancĂ©e after my first grocery run here in Silicon Valley, and I mentioned that I bought a dozen eggs because I couldn’t find any other kosher protein. She sent me some lyrics from a Disney song that I had never heard before.

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Brooklyn College Student Government Election Results

President-elect Tim Donelly forwarded me a picture of a certified printout of the election results from last month’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) student government elections. With his permission, I’m sharing the results here.

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Thoughts on LinkedIn + Lynda Acquisition announced today that LinkedIn has acquired the tutorial website (CrunchBase) for an approximate value of $1.5 billion dollars. For LinkedIn, this is a major move.

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How Much Should I Charge For An App?

I received an email from a new iPhone developer, asking how much (s)he should charge for an app that has features X, Y, and Z. If you’re a new software developer, or if you’re interested in making an app and want to understand the process, this is worth a read:

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Odradeks: Kosher Cafe in Flatbush

I stopped at Odradeks Coffe and Fare on Avenue J and East 16th Street on my way home tonight.

The atmosphere is fantastic and Joe, the owner who served me, is friendly and knowledgable.

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Building an App To Save Lives

I had the idea for a Hatzalah app on a Friday morning while I was standing in
the back of the Bialystoker Synagogue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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Just Coffee

Some days you just need a coffee the size of Manhattan, or Montana, or Texas, or Brazil, or the entire Soviet bloc.

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